Find the right hire with social recruitment

Leveraging the power of social connections to attract and secure top talent, delivering a cutting-edge approach to recruitment.

Discover the new era of recruiting

Social recruitment helps your organisation tap into the vast pool of talent on social media platforms.

It enables organisations to target active and passive jobseekers on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, leading to a larger and better qualified candidate pool.

Additionally, our social recruiting strategies help increase your company’s brand awareness, improve employer branding and set you apart from the competition.

Find out what your benefits are below.

We build bridges between employers and employees

Traditional solutions for finding employees are often middlemen that are fishing in a limited pool which automatically result in high costs, lack of motivation of employees and uncertainty. Our social recruitment marketing campaigns build the bridge between the employer and employee to create the right, healthy match.

Right motivation

We ensure that the flame of your culture stays strong by matching you with the right fit. No more bland or ill-fitting hires—our guarantee is a sizzling, healthy match that ignites success.

Quick fill-in

Within just two days of launching your campaign, your inbox will be flooded with promising candidates. On average, our clients fill their vacancies within two weeks, making the hiring process a breeze.

Passive jobseekers

Cast a wide net and reel in both active and passive job seekers with our social recruitment marketing strategies. Stand out from the crowd and attract the best of the best with our unique approach!

This is how we do it

Stap 1. Sexy company

Our strategy on social media ensures that you display the right message to potential employees. This is how you make the difference so that employees choose your company.

Stap 2. Outreach

With paid campaigns, we build a bridge between you and potential candidates. That’s how you reach people who didn’t know your company existed before.

Stap 3. Preselection

After the applications come in, we follow them up with mailings and telephone interviews. Thanks to this pre-selection, we separate the wheat from the chaff and only the really interested remain.

Stap 4. More firepower

Want to put extra artillery to work finding your white raven? We’ll take care of it. How about organizing the creation of a job page or facebook groups or creating a glitzy corporate video?

“From our own experience, we know that finding the right employee is a real challenge. Just about everyone that works for us comes through these campaigns. So it works”

– Tarquin of MediaGuru

Who can benefit from social recruitment?

That’s easy… everyone who is looking for new employees. We have the most experience with HR professionals, transport and logistics and construction but all companies can use it.

Why choose social recruitment?

Social recruitment leverages the power of social media and digital networking to reach a wider audience and connect with passive job seekers who may not be actively looking for new job opportunities.

What makes it so good?

Some of the key benefits of using social recruitment include increased reach, cost-effectiveness, improved employer branding, and the ability to connect with passive job seekers.

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