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Recruitment marketing

Define and share your companies values

To get qualified candidates

Effective recruitment marketing lets companies show their values and believes to create a match with current and future employees that goes beyond the typical "working for salary" mentality.

The next generation wants an employer that has the right mission and goals. This is the way to show it.

Your company will always be top-of-mind with your current and future candidates

How it works

We use a combination of internal and external marketing tools to assure external (potential candidates) and internal (current employees) interest.

You will have a strong social media presence where we share projects, teams, future plans and more.

Email marketing will be deployed to current employees. In addition, you can add offline marketing tools as open house days, care packages, fairs, etc.

The ultimate goal?

Keeping potential candidates warm so they are eager to apply whenever there is a new job opening.
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Ambuce Rescue Team

Ambuce is an Ambulance company that provides urgent/non-urgent patient transport, preventive care, repatriation and training across Belgium, among other things. Weekly we publish relevant information, events and cool images to keep everyone informed, show appreciation and keep potential colleagues interested.

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Fast Transit Line

Fast transit line, located in Antwerp, is specialized in consolidation, air freight and general logistics. Their slogan “Experience the difference” reflects their determination and willingness to optimize their performance and quality of service level on a daily basis. We help them be visible by future employees to increase the quality of their team.

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Project One

Project one is a company that specialises in HVAC, electricity, and plumbing. They are known for deploying top-notch technicians for each of their construction sites.
MediaGuru helps them become visible to both clients and top technicians to support their strong growth throughout the years.