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Talent Attraction

Use our platform to

Create a waiting list of top candidates

Get the contact information of everyone that could work in your company, now or in the future.

Look at the advantages

Generating a database of every potential candidates makes you self-sufficient in the future, which gives you advantage such as increased speed of filling jobs and reduced costs.

Instead of losing time sharing the job offers and explaining the ideal candidate profile to every recruiter, you can easily rely on your own database that is update and improved every time we contact one of the candidates.

Using the form

Request your campaign

Based on your input we will create your campaign so that those who are looking for a job can't resist to apply.

From our dashboard

Keep track of your candidates

The dashboard automatically updates based on the candidates and we will give you updates along the way.

In the pipeline

You see all your candidates

All the contact information and interactions will be available to you in the candidate board.

Easier and faster

The ultimate goal?

Having everyone’s contact details in your target group for any job at your company and link them automatically to new job offers.

Ready to start hiring?