MediaGuru - the sweetspot between marketing and HR

MediaGuru started by asking “what if …” and was founded because of the urge to keep advancing, learning and improving.

We exist to help companies grow so the next generation can achieve what used to be impossible.

Our services help businesses eradicate useless investments to increase profit and reduce risks.

From Antwerp to Europe

MediaGuru was founded in 2017 in Antwerp with a handfull of clients and lots of ambition. Throughout the years the service area kept growing such that we are now active in 4 countries.

Our typical client does not pertain to one industry or type of business. What is important for us is the mindset of those who work with.

We invest our effort and enthousiasme so that our clients can flourish and grow. In return we require the patience, respect and confidence needed to run our campaigns.

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