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At MediaGuru we offer your company what it needs:

Quality candidates

We know that your time is valuable so we don't waste it. You can have quality candidates in much faster than with other common systems and without big investments.

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At MediaGuru we are experts in locating the commitment

I am Tarquin, founder and CEO of MediaGuru

After observing the human resources needs of companies and exploring the possibilities of marketing tools, we developed a process that allows companies to connect quickly and effortlessly with the right employees.

We get quality hires in record time

What are we, what defines us

No excuses

Why wait until tomorrow for what we can solve today?


Our solutions always strives for the highest quality.

Years of experience

We know what you need because it is base of our solution.

Good work has no borders

MediaGuru's solutions are a guarantee for success, with more than 83% success ratio in hiring, we do not stop improving to continue offering better quality candidates to companies like yours.