Solving Organizational Bottlenecks: How to Identify Needs and Find the Right Talent

Identifying bottlenecks

Posting a job vacancy is often a reaction to an identified bottleneck within the organization. To effectively determine whom you are looking for, it is crucial to understand the underlying causes of the problem and identify the knowledge and skills needed to solve it. In this blog, we discuss the questions that need to be asked and the steps that can be taken to clarify the desired candidate profile.

What is the Cause?

Investigating the cause is essential to determine the profile you need. Through this analysis, you can identify what is going wrong and gain valuable insights. Sometimes, the solution lies not in hiring new employees but in adjusting existing processes. It may also be that the required knowledge is already present within the organization and that restructuring team members is sufficient. To uncover the root cause of the problem, it is useful to take the following steps:

  • Consult with Management: Discuss the desired future situation and the strategic development of the organization.
  • Consultation with Current Employees: Talk to employees who are directly involved in the process where the problem occurs. They can often provide valuable suggestions for improvements.
  • Data Collection: Gather and analyze data to get a clear picture of when and how the problem first arose.

By combining this information, you as an HR manager can gain valuable insights into the missing knowledge and possible solutions.


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What are the Possible Solutions?

It is normal for things to go wrong. The challenge lies not in avoiding mistakes but in quickly correcting them and attracting the necessary knowledge and experience to prevent recurrence. There are often multiple solutions possible, but the question is: which is the best choice? Some parameters that determine the best solution include:

  • Project duration
  • Peak periods
  • Need for new perspectives
  • Costs
  • Time

Based on these, you can decide which solution to explore. Here are some examples:

  • Hiring External Knowledge:

    This is useful when extra manpower is needed for a short period. Although the costs are likely higher than other solutions, they are limited in time. The advantage is that you can bring in the exact knowledge and experience you need for a certain period.

  • Utilizing Internal Knowledge:

    If projects last significantly longer and more time is available to find a solution, you can choose to use the current or internal knowledge of employees. The advantage is that these employees are already familiar with the organization. However, they may need to be willing to change positions, which is not always straightforward.

  • Internalizing Knowledge:

    A third option is to attract external knowledge and experience by hiring new employees. This is often the best choice when it is not about projects but a continuous process where a permanent team needs to be built to deliver increasingly better services and products. It is important to define the right needs and generate sufficient quality inflow. Want to learn how we find the right candidates? Click here!


There are various strategies to address the need for knowledge and experience within an organization. It is essential to carefully evaluate which solution is most suitable, taking into account factors such as project duration, peak periods, costs, and available time. Hiring new staff can be an effective way to ensure continuity and quality, but it requires careful consideration of the specific needs and the available talent in the labor market. By making a well-considered decision, an organization can strengthen its value and improve customer engagement.

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